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Northstar Solutions

The Northstar Modular Tower (“NMT”) is the next evolutionary step in tubular tower design. The modular, field-assembled concept fills an urgent market need for a “game changer” in wind towers which provides a solution that addresses many of the industry’s needs related to a more cost-effective tower solution for supporting larger turbines at greater heights.

The NMT is designed to be the highest quality and best overall tower cost solution for larger turbines (2.0mw+) at hub-heights of 95-140 meters. The NMT solution provides for a clear differentiation to conventional tubular towers with its fully interconnected and streamlined design, manufacturing, transportation and installation processes that have been developed to support product integration and provide significant cost savings.

Features, Benefits and Value Proposition:

  • Modular Panels: Enables transportation on standard flatbed trucks to provide dramatic costs savings over current conventional means.

  • Wider base diameter: Allows for tower heights to 140 meters without the constrictions of conventional designs, for increased energy output and lower overall cost of energy.

  • Thinner wall & Continuous taper: Design provides for less steel, less weight and easier manufacturing for meaningful cost savings.

  • Patented fastening technology: Intellectual property provides for a practical means of tower assembly from the inside, thus improving safety, faster field assembly and lower lifetime maintenance costs with visual bolt inspections.

  • Efficient Design: Provides for high speed, low cost, quick scalability manufacturing that creates higher margins to the tower manufacturers with added savings opportunities for the turbine manufacturers and wind developers.
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