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About Northstar Endeavors, LLC

Northstar Endeavors, LLC, dba as Northstar Wind (“Northstar”), is a technology company that was formed in 2006 for the purpose of developing a more cost-effective and complete tower solution for the utility-scale wind industry.

As the turbines continue to get larger, the need to get these turbines higher and at a more cost effective price has been an on-going industry challenge. For the past eight years, Northstar has been at the forefront of developing a cost-effective and practical modular tower solution utilizing its associated patent and patent pending technologies.

Northstar has focused solely on improving the Northstar Modular Tower (“NMT”) and is now bringing this tower solution to the global marketplace. For turbine manufactures, wind farm developers and tower manufacturers needing to reach higher with taller towers, the Northstar integrated tower solution is ready to meet your needs.

Northstar Wind - Modular Wind Towers
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