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The Northstar Modular Tower (“NMT”) utilizes patent and patent pending technology, as well as, proprietary tower design software to develop a more efficient and cost-effective modular tower solution for taller towers.

The Northstar design takes into account efficiency and industry needs, throughout the entire process. The cost-effectiveness of manufacturing has always been a major component of the overall NMT design philosophy. In addition to the primary design requirements relative to function, each component of the tower has been designed with an eye on both the efficiency of manufacture as well as the resulting bottom line cost.

The need and desire to get the towers taller to reach new heights, require the ability to expand the base diameter without a corresponding increase in weight and cost. Taller towers will use steel more efficiently if the diameter of the tower can continue to increase from the top flange towards the foundation. The modular design system for utility scale wind turbines does this and thus provides for the most economical solution for 95-140 meter towers in today’s market.


The design utilizes a slip-critical friction connection of bolted splice plates that utilize proprietary and patented design technology. The bolt tensioning method utilizes a “turn-of-the-nut” process. This method also allows for very minimal lifetime O&M follow-up, most of which is done visually.

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