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Industry Challenge

Momentum has been building for increased utilization of wind power and the use of more cost-effective taller tower solutions resulting in a lower cost of energy. There has been continued progress in developing wind resources and advancements in wind technologies for use of larger turbines with taller towers, where wind speeds are higher, to maximize turbine capacity and to minimize the cost of energy.

By raising tower heights, there is generally a meaningful increase in total power output, which in many cases can be the difference in a wind farm development moving forward and being profitable or not happening at all. The conventional welded tubular steel towers over 90 meters are met with several challenges: (1) the necessary steel additions – from both added height and thickness – tend to offset the benefit of the incremental power, and (2) the larger diameter required for taller conventional towers increases transportation costs and in some cases cannot be shipped by truck.

Northstar’s modular design addresses these challenges while also providing a better value proposition for towers 95m and above.

Northstar Wind - Modular Wind Towers
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