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Industry Markets

Wind is the world’s fastest-growing energy source with an average annual growth rate of 23 percent over the last five years. It is estimated that the industry growth rate will continue to exceed 10% for the next five to ten years. The industry in the U.S. has seen a recent upturn from its lows, while the international market continues to expand, with China leading the way, followed by Europe and the U.S. It is estimated that new installations worldwide will exceed 50,000MW annually.

With the average 2013 installed turbine size above 2MW, and the continued push for bigger turbines, the need for more efficient and cost effective tower solutions is now a necessity. The Northstar Modular Tower solution is a global opportunity for OEM’s, wind developers and manufacturers throughout various parts of the world.

This is a great opportunity to bring on a “difference maker” both in cost and utilization at a time when being able to differentiate yourself from the competition matters.

Northstar Wind - Modular Wind Towers
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