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Northstar Endeavors, LLC, dba as Northstar Wind (“Northstar”), has designed a line of modular towers, with patent and patent pending technology, for Megawatt (MW) Class wind turbines. The Northstar tower is designed to be the highest quality and lowest overall cost tower solution for larger turbines (2.0mw+) at 95-140 meters.

Reaching higher to those areas of marginal prevailing winds will allow developers to take advantage of the stronger winds at higher elevations which results in greater power generation in virtually any location. The multi-panel sections allow towers to be shipped on standard flatbed trucks, significantly reducing costly transport logistics. The ability to utilize larger tower diameters also helps to optimize overall tower and tower foundation designs, thereby reducing tower weight and further reducing the total tower solution cost.

The Northstar Modular Tower (NMT) is the next evolutionary step in tubular tower design. The modular, field-assembled tower provides a solution that addresses many of the industry's wants and needs related to supporting larger turbines at greater heights.



April 14, 2014, Northstar Endeavors, LLC and Alphatec Nordeste Complete License Rights Agreement to Manufacture Towers

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